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Post by AngeL on Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:01 am

This is Lock & Load Transportations Company official topic, if you you need to talk with me about my company or their members, feel free to send me a PM, and clearly not doing it here, as it's for applications only.

- 1986 -

Flex and his two friends Nirjhor and Johny had a company named Lock & Load, it was pretty recent they started it with some money they had on spare from their old jobs, his friend Nirjhor used to work for FedEx on a full-time job, taking him away from his friends for a long time, but it was kinda worthy they were trying to get money together to open their own transportation business.

Slowly they were able to make their dream come true, they started out with only 2 trucks and a small warehouse in Las Venturas North, it wasn't the best but it was good for the start.

- 1998 -

Johny died in a tragic car accident, leaving his two friends as their company to take care of. As Nirjhor and Flex took over things started to change, now they don't only do trucking transportations around Las Venturas, now they also transport merchandise all over San Andreas.

Most of the citizens of San Andreas and business over are very pleased by the work of L&L it's not only safe but it's trustworthy. They always deliver everything in time, they also have a price list very accessible for todays ecnomy.

- 2007 -

9 years later since Flex and Nirjhor took over, and everything is going perfect, he got the company bigger, and moved out from that small warehouse to a big building next to LVPD.

Lock & Load started to be known as also doing illegal transportations, rumors say they are working for cartels and street gangs and mulling their weapons and also drugs, it has an enormous pay check. An employee of L&L once said that L&L is what it is today also because of the illegal transportations, it's where they take a lot of profit.

- 2015 -

Lock & Load are in the top 5 of the best transportation companies there is in SA.

Started with very few, today they are a lot bigger.

Lock n' Load is a secure transportations company, we provide the best security while we transport your goods.

Everytime we get hired to do a delivery, every client needs to sign a contract which states that in case of broken pieces, L&L will cover all the damages of those. If by any reason a L&L employee gets mugged while transporting a client goods, L&L pays for everything and plus pays an extra tax depending on the stolen stuff value.

Lock n' Load also work for underground organizations mulling illegal and legal stuff as they pay them to do so. The illegal transportations are the ones where L&L benefits more in terms of money.

Lock n' Load transportations are known for being worldwide, we use land vehicles, air vehicles and water vehicles. We take your stuff from anywhere to anywhere.

Trucker - We use the trucks to transport a big ammount of merchandise, most of the times is materials for common shops, such as Clothes Store, Markets, etc. We also can be hired for personal interests to transport anything the client desires for a fair price.

Transporter - We have our headquarter in Las Venturas next to the baseball field, we use the cars for small packages such as important documents that needs to get to the client as soon as possible. For now we are limited to use the cars only in Las Venturas only.

Captain - Once a week we receive a big shipment of goods for clients that come from all the world. We only receive the ship once a week because we don't have so many clients yet to upgrade to 2 times a week or even 3 times. Usually in this ships come heavy containers with lots of materials inside them to be either distrubuted in stores or just to a normal costumer.

Pilot - Our headquarters is located in Las Venturas and sometimes we receive orders to transport something to another city or country, now most of the times we use the planes because the client wants it to be delivered fast, and as it's a long distance order we need to use the helicopters or even the shamals.

Company level: 0.
Company motto: "Power beyond cargo"

Company color code: #FFc900

Company creation date: 01-07-2016

Company Money: 1.700.000$

Company Base: imgur.com/a/73Y0j ( Loacated in Whestone)

Company Rules
1.Don't spawn as a cop or a medic to assist the members in deliveries.

2.Always obey to SAMG admins and L&L HQ Team!

3.It's strictly prohibited to speak any other language in CC or in mainchat that it's not English!

4.Please maintain a mature environment within the company.

5.Never go help any gang in a BR or turfing spawned as L&L or civilian!

6.Never forget that our role is civlian sided and nothing else.

7.Don't spam the mainchat.

8.Don't use excessive ammount of caps lock in mainchat.

9.If you spawn anything else thats not part of civilian role, than please change your nickname. (example: Criminal.Flex)

General Rules
1.Rules are set by SAMG HQ. All players must comply with the basic rules.

2.Bug abuse and hacking is not tolerated under any circumstances.

3.Comply with any Admins' request. That can be either from an SAMG member, SAMG HQ member or Community Staff member.

4.Deathmatching is strictly forbidden. Killing any player without a reason will result in punishment.

5.Players may only use one account.

6.Do not avoid arrest by quitting or by killing yourself.

7.Admins will not distribute money, weapons or vehicles. You must purchase your own vehicles and weapons using money you have made yourself.

8.English is the only language to be spoken in the main chat. If you wish to speak different languages, please do so by using PM, using Clan Chat or in Party Chat.

9.Any advertising of services, groups or other things must be done using /ad. Advertising in main chat is forbidden.

FBI-Federal Bureau Of Investigations



RP count: 0 (Still)
Event count: 0 (Still)
Event money spent: 0$ (Still)

C | L - Chairman, is the owner of the company.

VC | VL - Vice Chairman, the vice chairman is the following owner of the company if anything happens to the actual Chairman.

CEO | HQ- Chief Executive Officer, the CEO is also referred as an executive chairman and takes the command in hand in absence of the chairman. CEO is the top ranking in the executive officers rank.

COO | sHQ- Chief, Operations Officer, the chief operation officer is normally provided the title President, following CEO rank. A COO can be explained as a director of operations in the corporate sector with a responsibility of handling and managing the daily operations of the organization.

MBM - Member of the Board of management, the member of the board of management is in charge of making decisions about the company when the owners are present.

GM - General Manager, the general manager is in charge of the employees of the company, he is the one making the payments.

AM - Assistant Manager, the assistant manager is in charge of searching for new jobs and maintaintg everything under control.

HM - Head of Marketing, the head of marketing is the one who shares everything about the company, like new prices, new conditions, etc.

V - Veteran, the veterans have been with the company for a long time now and are very familiar with all the process.

E - Employee, the employees work for the company for less than 2 years, their only job is making deliveries to where the AM decides to.

I - Intern, the intern is new on the company and he is like the assistant of the veterans, he has to follow their lead to learn more about the company itself.

H - Honorary employees, the honorary employees have done so much for the company that they are always welcome to come along.



-Vice Chairman-


-Chief Executive Officer-


-Chief Operating Officer-


-Member of the Board of Management-


-General Manager-


-Assistant Manager-


-Head of Marketing-









Total Members: 2
Active Members: 2
Inactive Members: 0


Must have more than 13 years.

Must be very mature.

Must understand english.

Must know all the rules of the company and F1.

Section I - About you

In-game name:

Real name:




Languages spoken:

Tell us something about yourself(min. 50 words):

Section II - In-game

Weaknesses & Strengths:

Rate your driving skills on 1 to 10:

Rate your English on 1 to 10:

Previous gang/squad/company's (if YES why you leaved/kicked?):

When did you start playing on SAMG?:

Have you ever been punished by a SAMG member(if YES then why?):

How active can you be in-game on a daily basics:

How active are you on Forums:

Why do you want to join us?:

Why should we let you join us:

Do you think you’re mature enough to join us?:

Section III - Rules & Performance

What is Death Match(DM) (Is it allowed):

What is Role-Play(RP):

What is our RolePlay:

Name 3 L&L Company rules:

Name 4 F1 rules:

Section IIII - Theoric Questions.

If you're wanted and a cop offers to RP with you,what do you do?:

If someone arrests you after the RP,what will you do after?:

If someone death-matched for no reason,what will you do?:

What do you do if you see one of L&L members rulebreaking?:

If an admin tells you to do something, what do you do?:

If an L&L HQ tells you do to do something, what will you do?:

Flex's Facebook: www.facebook.com/soumaya.benmahmoud.3
Flex's Skype: midou.flex
Nirjhor's Facebook: www.facebook.com/farhanisraque.nirjhor.7

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GL Guys i hope you will get lvls ...


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