Read before you apply for Points

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Read before you apply for Points

Post by Mr.Corelli on Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:59 pm

Hello dear Community!Here i will explame how you can apply for points!Make your own Thread and post the application!Please copy the second format the first one is Explame!

Total (Max 25 P)
Roleplays (Max 10 P)
Events (Max 5 P)
Activity (Max 5 P)
Screenshots (Max 5 P)

Application Rec:15.02.2016!-Over

New Thread,Name(First Tag then name):=SAT= =San Andreas Terrorists= - Application for points

Gang Tag:=SAT=Name=Rank=
Gang Name:San Andreas Terrorists
Gang Bank Balance:10,000,000$
Gang Media Archive(Link):Post Link!
Gang Leader:WenDo
Gang Base(City):Las Venturas
Members Count:3

Copy this format to apply

Gang Tag:
Gang Name:
Gang Bank Balance:
Gang Media Archive(Link):
Gang Leader:
Gang Base(City):
Members Count:

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