SAPD - Application Format

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SAPD - Application Format

Post by Mr.Niko on Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:45 am


Ingame Name:
Country of Residence:
Main Language:
Other Languages:
Strengths and Weaknesses:
How much arrests you got?(screen with /arrests in-game):
How long have you been playing MTA:
How long have you been playing on SAMG:
Previous gangs/squads if any:
Reason for leaving if any:
English skills 1/10:
Are you member of any Terrorist Organisation?:
Why should we accept you:
Tell us about yourself:

*Don't lie in your application!


Accepted:- Your application was of high standards, and since we trust you, you will be invited without test.

Pending:- Your application wasn't the best but we do see potential with you, hang around with us for a while, and you may be tested.

Denied:- Poor application, re-apply in a week and we'll consider you again.


To be Police Officer you must have 25+ arrests in-game!

To be Traffic Officer you must have 50+ in-game!

To be Police Officer HQ you need to be promoted only by SAPD Director!

Regards SAPD Director

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