Gangs/Squads/Companies Points Status

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Gangs/Squads/Companies Points Status

Post by Mr.Corelli on Sat Jul 09, 2016 6:34 pm

Hello dear community!Here you can see which gang how much points got and how they used it.

<<Palestine Society Crew>>
-Total Points:63
-Spawn with 1 skin[20P]
-200 bullets Uzi[2P]
-200 bullets Combat Shotgun[6P]
-500 bullets M4[8P]
-100 bullets Sniper[8P]
-Points used:42
-Points left:21

<<Spring BreakerS>>
-Total Points:24
-Spawn with 1 skin[20P]
-100 bullets Saved-off[3P]
-Points used:23
-Points left:1

<<The Psycho Division>>
Total Points:10

Total Points:44
-Spawn with 1 skin[20P]
-1 additional skin[10P]
-Points used:30
-Points left:14

-Total Points:0

Total Points:0

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