How to request your rewards

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How to request your rewards

Post by Mr.Corelli on Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:36 pm

<spawn name="S.W.A.T." spawnX="1263.3018798828" spawnY="-1675.5155029297" spawnZ="13.546875" rot="359.10781860352" skins="285" lock="gang,S.W.A.T." weapons="3.1,23.50" information="This is S.W.A.T. - Special Weapons And Tactics spawn. We are professionally trained cops with military experience. We are specializes in Hostage Rescue, Base Raiding, Stopping HR's & BR's, Stopping street violence. We fight against the crim and we take down the most wanted criminals around San Andreas." r="12" g="31" b="83"/>

<spawn name="" spawnX="" spawnY="" spawnZ="" rot="" skins="" lock="" weapons="" information="" r="" g="" b=""/>

This above is an example of SWAT spawn. This is what the spawn format would look like inside of the script. Now that we have got the format, let me explain how we fill it up.

The spawn name is the name of the spawn. This is the name that will appear in-game in the scoreboard as your class name. You need to put in the gang name with no symbols.

spawnX, spawnY, spawnZ, and rot are the spawn coordinates. The coordinates is where you will be spawning when you spawn as the class. You can get the code by using /getpos spawn in game.

The skins of the organization. If the id is '285', then it will be skins="285". You cannot add any symbols or spaces, this is case sensitive. To add more than one skins, simply add a comma. F.g skins"0,285". This will be CJ & SWAT skin. Skin ids can be checked by clicking here.

The lock of the organization. This is one of the easiest steps when filling the spawn format. The spawn locks are group & gang. If you want the spawn locked to your gang (squad or company), and your gang name (in /gang) is "Test" then lock should be "gang,Test". Make sure to put it in the same name that is in /gang.

The weapons of the organization. These are the weapons the spawn will have. The format is simple, you insert the weapon id and the ammo. F.g; If you want a Desert Eagle with 50 ammo, you make it weapons="24.50". This will add Desert Eagle with 50 ammo to the spawn. Weapon ids can be checked by clicking here.

Information about the organization spawn. This is the easiest part when filling the spawn format. In this step, you talk about the gang spawn, what is it, how to join/become part of it, where & how, and why should we join/apply for the gang. Anything goes except blank.

The color of the organization. If you have a #000000 code, insert it here to get a r, g, b code. That code that you get, you will insert it into the r="" g="" b="" space. In this case, if we've #000000, the r g b code will be 0 0 0. So we make it r="0" g="0" b="0".

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