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EEO ♛- Application Topic -♛

Post by StoneR on Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:02 pm

Real name:
In-game nickname:
Login name:

Languages you speak:
How long you have been playing SAMG:RPG?(/onlinetime):
How long you have been playing MTA?:
Your current organization:
Have you ever been banned from SAMG:RPG? If yes, explain why:
Why do you want to join EEO?:
What you can offer to EEO?:
Why we should accept you?:
Post 10 Events That You Hosted:

Answers what you can get on your application:

-Contact with HQ+ in-game for interview and to be added-

-Your application isn't good or you are inactive-
You can apply again for 2 weeks

Recruitment States:

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