Read before you apply for Community Staff

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Read before you apply for Community Staff

Post by Mr.Corelli on Mon Jul 04, 2016 9:37 pm

Hello there! As you may know, you can find here an application format to join. If you wish to apply copy the application format, create thread and fill the application format there. Good luck! Clan Recruitment Status:CLOSED!

>Section 1<
Your ingame username:  
Your ingame alias:  
Your real name:  
Your DOB:  
Your gender:  

Country of residence:  
Language skills:  
English Proficiency:  

>Section 2<

How long you have been playing:
Your strengths:  
Your weaknesses:  

Teamspeak Installed:  
IRC Client Installed:  
Do you visit our IRC channel frequently:  

>Section 3<
Reason for applying to us:
Qualities you can offer to us:
Server Memberships:
Additional information:

Previous bans on the server:
Previous punishments:
Have you even been kicked:
Why do you like to play SAMG:RPG:


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